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Bradman Foundation supports the Voice

Public Statement by the Board of the Bradman Foundation

The Board of the Bradman Foundation unanimously supports the proposed Voice to Parliament.

Sport and the arts have always played a distinctive role in Australian society, through which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have expressed their culture and given voice to their rights.

The Bradman Foundation Board believes that the Voice represents an appropriate and enduring formalised way for First Nations peoples to be heard.

The Board also believes that supporting the Voice aligns with the values of Sir Donald Bradman (b. 1908 ‑ d. 2001). Nearing his death, Sir Donald was visited by Sir William Deane, who asked him whether he supported reconciliation. Sir Donald emphatically replied “yes” - he did. This mutual belief in the importance of reconciliation laid the foundation for Sir William to speak at Sir Donald’s memorial service. Sir Donald also hoped for a more inclusive future for cricket, including working to eradicate entrenched racial prejudices in the Australian cricketing context.

Sir Donald greatly admired Indigenous Australian cricketer, Eddie Gilbert, who famously bowled Sir Donald for a duck in a domestic match in 1931. Eddie Gilbert was remembered by Sir Donald as one of the fastest bowlers he ever faced. Sir Donald kept a photograph of Eddie Gilbert, and shared stories with his children and grandchildren about him, and about what Eddie Gilbert could have achieved had he endured less racial prejudice.

The Bradman Foundation Board members hold that support for Australia's Indigenous people, for reconciliation, and for creating societies free from historically entrenched, institutionalised racism are important and align with our values and purpose. This support is also entirely consistent with Sir Donald’s actions in his life and his hopes for the future.

The Board does not claim to speak on behalf of all the Foundation’s stakeholders and understands and respects that people will make their own decision in relation to the Voice to Parliament. The Board acknowledges there are differing views, including by valued supporters, and we welcome all respectful and inclusive conversations.

Helpful resources to learn more include:

Leon Zwier

Bradman Foundation

Dated: 9 October 2023

The Bradman Foundation exists to promote and support the link between mental well-being and performance potential in young people.Sir Donald believed in the potential of each and every young person and the contribution they can make to this world. The Bradman Museum and Oval, at Bowral NSW, where Sir Donald grew up, are on Gundungurra and Dharawal land.The area was traditionally called “Bowrel”, meaning “high”.



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