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We exist to promote and support the link between mental wellbeing and performance potential in young people. We do this through sharing inspiring stories of challenge and growth through the Bradman Museum, through our cricket and mental wellbeing programs and resources.

We are inspired by the life and legacy of Sir Donald Bradman, a man who was famous for his strength of character and ability to rise to any challenge on the cricket pitch. A man who was guided by his values: integrity, dignity, modesty and courage. He believed in the potential of each and every young person and the contribution they can make to this world. He considered fostering mental wellbeing fundamental to fostering performance potential. Similarly, he believed that striving to build performance potential helps grow mental wellbeing.


For this reason, the Bradman Foundation considers mental wellbeing and performance potential to go hand in hand. They can support and help grow each other.


We are driven to build a future where young people can realise their own performance potential in any chosen pursuit - be it athletic, artistic, scientific, business-oriented, or beyond.  With a particular passion for supporting the mental wellbeing and performance potential of young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds.


The Bradman Foundation believes that 'best lives' come in all different shapes and sizes. It's about how you lead your life, more than how many runs you score. We all have a 'best life' within us and it takes the support of mental wellbeing and performance potential to help it take shape. Help us support young people to find their own version of a best life.

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We are grateful for the leadership and guidance of a few remarkable people in our community. 

Each Director brings both personal and professional skills to the table with a passion to deliver outcomes whilst upholding an excellence of character. You can find out more about each of our Directors below.

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