Our Charter


Sir Donald Bradman’s Vision

That the Museum in its lovely setting would encourage and inspire young people to serve their nation with courage, honour and humility.

Bradman Foundation Mission

To realise Sir Donald Bradman’s vision and ensure that it is kept vibrant, youthful and relevant. We strive to inspire youth to develop these character traits that lead to a better society among the cricketing nations of the world.

Foundation Charter

  • The education and advancement of youth
  • The provision of coaching facilities at Bradman Oval
  • The upgrading, beautification and maintenance of Bradman Oval to a first class standard
  • To advance, promote and encourage, either directly or indirectly, educational, cultural and intellectual welfare of persons within the community
  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of Sir Donald Bradman. To collect, preserve, catalogue and provide a place for exhibition of cricketing articles, objects, film, photographs and sound files relating to the game of cricket and its stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

  • To engage, inspire and educate
  • In addition to Sir Donald Bradman, identify and honour the greats of the game
  • Use contemporary technology to reach and connect with a global audience in diverse formats
  • Achieve financial and environmental sustainability, to secure the future of the Bradman legacy for Australia and the world

Business Objectives

  • Build and operate The International Cricket Hall of Fame as an international tourist attraction
  • To build partnerships across all aspects of the Foundation to ensure that we achieve our mission and deliver Sir Donald Bradman’s vision
  • Integrate the educational content of The International Cricket Hall of Fame with our coaching programs to establish a cricket academy
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The International Cricket Hall of Fame will be opening on the 29th November 2010.

Please look around the website to find out about this exciting new cricketing experience.

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