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The Bradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame Trust Collection numbers over 11,000 items. Most have been generously donated since 1987 by numerous people including Sir Donald Bradman himself. The collection includes historic player equipment, trophies, photographs, score-sheets, diaries, match ephemera and decorative pieces including artworks. More recently the collection has been expanded to include digital player interviews and contemporary match equipment from throughout the cricketing world. All these items are catalogued, filmed and their stories of related people, events and activities carefully recorded. Whenever possible they are placed on public display. Below are a snapshot of collection items which tell their own unique story;

Sykes Bat, Autographed by Don Bradman c. 1933

This bat was used by Don Bradman around the period of the Bodyline Series of 1932-33 and bears Bradman’s signature and the word ‘Private’ (indicating that it was one of his personal bats). The bat was given to the proprietor of the Patrick Badge Making Factory at Summer Hill in Sydney, Mr A.E. Patrick. It also bears the inscription in Bradman’s hand; “To Patrick esq, In appreciation of his great kindness from Don Bradman”.

Mr Patrick’s grandson Bruce Selwin wrote to Don Bradman in 1983 and received a letter back from Sir Donald confirming these details and also those about a very special cricket ball from the 1936-36 Ashes series which will shortly be added below.

Cricket Ball, 5th Test, SCG 1932-33 – DG Bradman’s best catch of his career

This ‘Wisden’ ball was one used in the final Test of the controversial ‘Bodyline’ Ashes series. After making 435 in the first innings, England was on 454 and scoring freely in their second innings when Gubby Allen skied a ball off South Australian spin bowler Phillip ‘Perka’ Lee. Don Bradman describes what happened next;

‘I was fielding at cover on the Brewongle Stand side of the ground when G.O. Allen tried to hit Lee over mid-off but he mishit the ball which was skied high between point and cover. I had to run at full speed in the direction of the dressing room and made what I felt was about the best catch in my career. I knew it was the last wicket and it is true that I continued running full tilt towards the exit gate and thence into the dressing room.’

The ball bears the inscription; “To Patrick Esq from Don Bradman – Ball used England v Australia 5th Test Sydney 1933”

You can view more of our treasured Bradman collection – including The Don’s first bat in 3D augmented reality – using our platform on Google Arts and Culture. Check it out: HERE

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