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The campers will be given the best possible techniques to suit their style of play. The highly accredited Bradman coaches will work with each individual and with groups on bowling, batting wicket keeping and fielding.

The tactics of cricket are putting skills into practice, using game sense. Much of our coaching is game based which enables our cricketers to implement skill and tactics in an actual game situation (ie train as you play).

Hard wicket to turf is more difficult than the average player thinks. Learning the finer points of batting and bowling on a turf wicket differs from that of a synthetic wicket. Campers will be able to experience both. The Bradman Oval curator will discuss the turf wicket and explain what to look for. He will give a “step by step” on wicket preparation.

As usual their will be opportunities for both both boys and girls aged 11 to 17 years of age.

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The first ever Bradman Residential Camp was held in January 1990 with 142 participants. It was a huge success and from that point on the decision was made to hold two camps each year.

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2015-2016 Camp Registration

High profile camp participants over the early years included Phil Jacques (NSW and Australia), Doug Bollinger (NSW and Australia) and Makhaya Ntini (South Africa).

The Bradman Residential Camps are facilitated by Cricket Professionals. Each year the program is tailored to the needs of the students to strengthen performance,  enhance their cricket knowledge and amplify the spirit of the game. Following is a brief description of what boys and girls will experience whilst attending a Bradman Residential Camp:

– Train on Bradman Oval
– Play matches on turf wickets and learn how to read the turf.
– One day matches and T20 matches.
– Intensive batting and bowling sessions.
– Bowling machine and speed gun trials.
– Batting techniques: front foot, back foot, running between wickets.
– Bowling techniques: fast, medium, spin, run-ups, bowling to a plan.
– Fielding: out field catching, close-in, ground fielding, throwing.
– Specialist wicket keeping sessions.
– Museum visit with guided tour.
– Learn from Bradman Wicket curator: what to look for in a wicket, wicket preparation.
– Video footage of play.

– Group meetings with coaches: outline spirit of cricket, code of behaviour, player profiles.
– Exercise and fitness sessions: how to prepare as a batter/bowler.
– Match analysis: personal goals, practice plans, gear care, fitness in cricket.
– Skill practice development: mind skills and concentration, team work, pre-match preparation.
– Cricket Trivia: rules quiz and modern game, history, Sheffield Shield, Bradman era.
– Sessions in hall with bowling machine and speed gun.
– Bradman Idol Night: this session has been a huge hit with all the campers and has been requested ever time!

Book online TODAY
2015-2016 Camp Registration

Level 2  ACB accredited coach, Jock McIllhatton, is highly regarded in the Southern Highlands. He is available for private and group coaching and can be reached on 0439 690 026.

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