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Call the museum and ask for Cindy, she can help with all your school excursion needs (02) 4862 1247 or email [email protected]

Educational Booking Form available here.

The aim of the Bradman Educational Program is to develop a positive attitude towards the cultural experience of visiting a museum, namely the Bradman International Cricket Hall of Fame, leading to:

  • An enthusiasm for the game of cricket,
  • A positive sense of self as a sports person,
  • Identify the values the game of cricket delivers (courage, honour, humility, integrity, determination),
  • Integrate an educational field trip with a topic or unit of work, to provide context and embed learning in accordance with the outcomes of the national curriculum,
  • Identify objectives relating to knowledge, skills and/or attitudes specific to the collection and displays in the museum,
  • Familiarise students with a museum setting so that they become accustomed to focussing on exhibits that research and conserve material evidence for future generations,
  • Interact with and respond to the collection of the museum through computer technology and hands-on exhibits,
  • Discuss and collate the information gathered from the museum visit,
  • Explore primary and secondary sources and deduce meaning from each,
  • Develop the understanding of the cultural relevance of the museum,
  • Recognise new and familiar material within the museum,
  • Apply problem-solving strategies while interacting with the museum exhibits,
  • Link moments in the museum timeline to world events, and
  • Expand positive and informed values and attitudes towards themselves, others and towards the exhibition spaces in the museum and towards the game, laws, and spirit of cricket.

The Bradman Museum has a variety of field trips to suit all Key Learning Areas and stages of study. For your next school tour – think of the Bradman Museum!

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The International Cricket Hall of Fame will be opening on the 29th November 2010.

Please look around the website to find out about this exciting new cricketing experience.

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