Cricket Australia Playing Conditions Committee recommendations to full CA Board

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Cricket Australia’s Playing Conditions Committee (PCC) has recommended the full CA Board consider restoring the Ryobi Cup to a non-split innings, 50-over format to reflect the likelihood that the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup to be played in Australia and New Zealand will be played in that format, and to reflect lack of ICC support for a split innings format.

Committee Chairman Jack Clarke said PCC recommendations should not be seen as pre-empting the final view of the full Board.

Mr Clarke noted that public attention for innovations trialled in the Ryobi Cup had tended to focus on the split innings concept but a range of other changes were also successfully tested.

“Overall, the public response to innovations which were trialled to test ways of refreshing the 50-over format was good, and the public said it liked the split innings.

“A number of the ideas we tried, such as using two balls, one from each end, reducing restrictions on the number of overs bowlers can deliver or increasing the number of bouncers allowed, are being either supported or tested further by the International Cricket Council for possible global use. CA intends to continue trialling these playing conditions in the 2011-12 Ryobi Cup,” he said.

“But on split innings, the PCC today noted its public popularity but decided to ask the full CA Board to note that the 50-over format will continue to be used for the next ICC Cricket World Cup and to therefore consider having the Ryobi Cup revert to a 50-over format next summer.

Separately, the PCC decided to not recommend changing the current interstate Twenty20 format rules for the new BBL given the newness of that format. On first-class pitches, the Committee noted independent assessment rated Shield pitches last summer as very good or better, promoting balance between bat and ball. The PCC recommended curators be encouraged to prepare Sheffield Shield pitches to a similar standard to Test pitches.

CA’s PCC members who met today were: Jack Clarke, Mark Taylor, Greg Chappell, and Paul Marsh (ACA). PCC members Matt Hayden and Shane Warne were apologies for today’s meeting.

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